2-month-old girl taken to hospital with opiates in system

Authorities are investigating how a 2-month-old girl ended up with opiates in her system.

An officer with the Bakersfield Police Department said that on April 7, 2014, officers were sent to Memorial Hospital regarding a infant who was acting lethargic.

Officers said the infant was brought to the hospital by her mother.

A blood test was conducted on the 2-month-old and returned positive for opiates, according to a probable cause affidavit.

Medical staff told officers that the child could've ingested smoke or fumes from another person ingesting heroin in the same area, breast feeding, or by touching and ingesting packaging, according to the search warrant.

The mother of the child, M.V., told officers that she left her child in side an apartment in the 107 block of 8th Street with two adults. Identified as Mickey Rios and "Reyna."

V told officers that she returned a few hours later and found her infant was lethargic, which made her take her child to the hospital, officers said.

Officers searched the apartment where the baby was and said they found a loaded syringe full of heroin.

Officers said they developed probable cause to arrest Mickey Rios on two felony counts of possession of a controlled substance.

The mother of the child tested negative for any type of drugs in her system.

No word on how the girl got the drugs in her system.


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