2012 Winter Driving Safety Tips

Rain, sleet, snow, high winds and perhaps fog will visit California roadways during this winter season.  Here are some reminders you may want to pass along to motorists.


  • Many crashes are caused by driving too fast for current conditions. 

    The first and foremost tip:  SLOW DOWN.  It’s a simple matter of

     physics that your vehicle can’t stop as fast, or turn as accurately on

     wet or icy pavement.

  • Prepare in advance by leaving early, allowing yourself plenty of time to get where you’re going.  Stay aware of weather and road condition reports through your local media.
  • If you’re heading to mountain-country bring chains and warm, waterproof clothing.  Make sure your gas tank is full. 
  • Check to see that your windshield wipers are in good condition.  And don’t forget the law that requires you to have your headlights on anytime you have your windshield wipers on continuously.
  • One of the other weather-related problems we have throughout California this time of year is FOG. 
  • If you encounter fog, again, make sure you SLOW DOWN.  Drive with your lights on low beam.  Don’t stop on a highway, unless it’s an emergency.  And keep a close watch on your speed.
  • For the latest road and traffic condition reports, visit the CHP Website at www.chp.ca.gov
  • Remember to always wear your seat belt, don’t drink and drive and reduce your speed when on slick pavement.
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