23ABC gets an inside look into Ridgecrest home where shooting took place

RIDGECREST, Calif. - 23ABC was granted access around a Ridgecrest home where two people were shot by a man who went on a shooting spree in the Mojave Desert city, Friday. 

Police did confirm the home was where the shooter shot a man and woman, Thaddeus Meier and Brittany Matheny.

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According to neighbors, they believe the home was a drug house and the people who were shot owed the shooter money. 

Neighbor Mark Aggum describes the man who was shot as getting into some bad business. 

"He was into drugs, that's probably why he got shot because he was hanging out with the wrong crowd. When you hang out with the wrong crowd, something's going to happen," said Aggum. 

A white Honda was towed from the front of the home Friday. No word on what connection it has to the victims or the shooter. 

The home was located a block from Navy Air Weapons Station China Lake. 

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