23ABC obtains new information on the downtown Bakersfield beating of a man

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Court documents obtained by 23ABC show new insight into what happened to a man who was brutally beaten in a downtown Bakersfield alley last month.

The five suspects-- 22-year-old Evan Shine, 29-year-old Ryan Sikola, 21-year-old Chandler Degraff, 23-year-old William Freeman and 28-year-old Mario Reyes who was identified as the bouncer from Sandrini's -- are facing attempted murder charges in the beating of David Traver. 

According to a Bakersfield Police report, each of the suspects had a different story to tell about the night of the beating. 

Two of the suspects told police they had never come into contact with Traver. The police reports show that one of the suspects, Skiloa, said "no one ever touched Traver" while Reyes initially stated "he never hit Traver or saw what happened." 

According to police, the suspects are believed to have chased Traver into an alley near 20th on July 18. Reyes is believed to have later hit Traver over the head with a baseball bat or pool stick, which knocked Traver unconscious. 

Documents state that Degraaf told police she did not know how Traver ended up on the ground and that she "wasn't even close to Traver", but police believe Degraaf had blood on her left hand from the incident.

Evan Shine, another suspect in the case, admitted to spitting on Traver while William Freeman admitted to using a cell phone to take a picture of Traver while he was unconscious. 

As of Thursday night, Traver was still in critical condition. Doctors have told police they are not sure he will survive his injuries.

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