5 injured during Tehachapi fireworks show

TEHACHAPI, Calif. - An accident during the production of Tehachapi’s July 4 fireworks show resulted in minor injuries at Tehachapi Municipal Airport, staging area for the 20-minute aerial show sponsored by the City of Tehachapi, according to the Californian .

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One of the fireworks failed to launch and instead traveled horizontal to the ground, crossing the airport runway and ignited in a crowd of nearby spectators, according to the Californian.
The Californian reported that spectator David Stauffer, there with his wife and two young sons, had burn marks on his shirt and superficial burns on his chest where the cloth had been burned away. He was treated at the scene and said he was thankful his family who was sitting with him were not also injured.
A few seats away Hayley Bebee, who was sitting with her young child in her lap, suffered a burn below her right eye, the Californian reported . Paramedics treated her at the scene and advised her to seek further medical assistance to be sure there was no damage to the eye itself.

The Kern County Fire Department is investigating the injuries.

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