6-foot tall tumbleweeds in Bakersfield are fire danger threat

Owner of lot where weeds come from lives in LA

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A Kern County neighborhood, near Weedpatch and Highway 58, has been invaded by tumbleweeds.  

The people who live there said they are trapped and its a huge fire danger.

Teri Torres and her neighbors are upset about the tumbleweeds that are burying their homes and yards.

Torres is worried about being able to evacuate her special needs son in an emergency.

"We can't get out of our property.  I can't even get into my driveway or in from my front door over there because of all the tumbleweeds," said Torres.

The tumbleweeds are taller than 6-foot, meaning if they were to catch fire the people who live in the houses would have six-foot flames at their front door.

Residents said they have tried to get the county to do something about the problem and last August the problem was cleaned up.

"Here we are literally eight months later and this is what we are dealing with," said Torres.

VIEW RESIDENTS' PICTURES OF TUMBLEWEEDS HERE: http://turnto23.com/documents/10920/0/Tumbleweeds+are+fire+danger/d6ef175c-f03f-47de-b3f1-9120b8891928

They said this time they have had trouble getting any help from county officials so 23ABC made some calls.

Code enforcement said it's something people who live in an agricultural area have to learn to deal with. County Supervisor Leticia Perez's office and Kern County Fire said they would look into the problem.

"All the people that live here, they are always blocked in," said Frank Thomas.  "They can't get out and there are kids that can't come outside because of these tumbleweeds."

Residents said the tumbleweeds are coming from the lot across the street.  They said the owner of that lot lives in Los Angeles.

"I want the owner to come and clean all this so this doesn't happen again," said Thomas.

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