6-foot tall tumbleweeds taking over homes near Weedpatch should be cleared by Monday

Residents had trouble getting help from county

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - People living near Weedpatch were upset because the tumbleweeds were taking over their homes and were concerned about the potential fire hazard. 

Residents told 23ABC that they have had trouble getting any help from county officials to get the property owner to take care of the problem. 

On Friday county officials placed large bins in the area for the tumbleweeds and they have contacted the property owner whose land is the source of the 6-foot tall tumbleweeds. 

That property owner has been out of the country, but their property management company has promised to take care of the issue. 

"The property management, every time they've been notified... last September and again in November... has been right on it. In a matter of a few days they have contractors out there taking care of the tumbleweeds. I spoke to the property management company this morning and they will be doing the same thing. Getting it cleaned again, so I expect to see something happen within the next few days," said Dave Wasserman with Kern County Code Compliance. 

23ABC will continue to follow the story and provide any further updates as they become available. 

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