84 year old woman arrested for making terrorist threats after getting into argument with neighbors


A Bakersfield woman is arrested after threatening to shoot her neighbors, but most say the woman is harmless and just needs help.

"She threatens people with a shovel, she threatens people with a rock, she threatens people with a shotgun that she is going to come out and shoot somebody," said one neighbor who didn’t want to be identified.

The chronic problem in a neighborhood near Union and Brundage Lane came to a head last week.

A woman who lives there threatened to shoot a young girl.

When the girl's mom came outside police say the suspect threatened to shoot both of them but the suspect’s family says she doesn’t own a gun.

That’s because she's an 84-year-old woman. Willie Cunningham was arrested and charged with two counts of threatening with intent to terrorize.

"I love her to death and she fusses at me but it doesn't bother me," said concerned neighbor Davette Demery.

Neighbors say Cunningham spends most days cleaning up litter near her home and this isn't the first time Cunningham has gotten into it with neighbors.

Her family says they haven't bailed her out of jail yet because they hope she will get the help she needs.

"I am not sure which mental health issues that she does have but there does have to be something," Demery said.

Kern County Adult Protective Services wouldn't comment specifically about Cunningham’s case but they say services are available for elderly people who need mental health treatment.

The problem is they have to agree to the treatment.

"I would hope that the system for our elderly would step in and help get her some treatment someone here to help care for her make sure that her medicine is ok that she is ok," Demery said.


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