911 call from PG&E power plant implosion released

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A local man remains in a Fresno-area hospital with serious injuries to his legs following the implosion gone wrong at the PG&E plant in northwest Bakersfield.

23ABC just obtained the 911 tape following that blast.

Watch the video above to hear the call.

That was the wife of Jerry Wood, 43, seen in this picture. He is being treated at community regional medical center in Fresno.

A hospital spokesperson told our ABC affiliate KFSN that Wood remains in critical condition.

They also say his family has asked for privacy.

Wood suffered severe damage to his legs Saturday, after shrapnel from the demolition flew across Coffee Road, through a chain link fence, and hit him.

Meanwhile, the investigation into what went wrong during the blast is in the hands of CAL OSHA this morning.

The agency says it's looking into the company that planted and set off the detonation, Alpha Explosives, because workers were exposed to danger.

The California Public Utilities Commission is also investigating the blast.

Read the original story here: http://bit.ly/PGEpowerplant

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