A $1500 grant is providing Nook Books to the after school program at Bakersfield Homeless Center.

After school program gets Nook Books

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - For kids staying at the Bakersfield Homeless Center, high technology tools like ipads and computers are a luxury they do not have...until recently.

A $1500 grant is providing nook books to the after school program.

"(The kids) on a daily basis ask can we read today can we read today?," said after school teacher Marciano Casica.

Kids said nooks are easier to read and learn.

"You can highlight the words you need help on and then you can go back and practice them. It shows you how to pronounce some of the words so it's easier for me," said BHC resident and student Jaime Loera.

The kids said the nooks are also fun.

"My favorite thing about the nooks is that you can play learning games," said BHC resident and student Jamaal Thompson.

And they said the nooks are eco-friendly.

"I think it's helpful because you can save trees and paper," said Thompson.

Most importantly...

"We've really seen a big improvement on our children's reading skills and confidence," said Casica.

Although the kids have only been using the nook books for a couple months, they said they've seen a dramatic improvement in their grades.

"I went from a C to a B to an A. (Makes me feel) good," said Thompson.

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