A day after Fourth of July festivities, only trash remains at parks

Neighbors complain of noise, trash at parks

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Trashed parks and streets are the only sight that remains after a busy Fourth of July weekend for cities all across the country, and it's a problem that Bakersfield officials try to combat every year. 

"A little area over... there is a little messy," said Diana Ibarra, who spent the Independence Day holiday celebrating like any other American, picnicking in the park with her family. "It was actually pretty clean compared to other parks that you would go [to]."

While you may still find piles of trash at city parks, it's the fireworks that were causing major damage. 

Bakersfield fire crews reported twelve firework-related fires this holiday weekend. One southwest family was displaced Saturday due to fireworks getting out of hand and landing in their home.

"They out to be responsible for what they did," said Greg Mathis, the homeowner of a house whose roof shingle burned in a matter of seconds during the firework celebrations. 

Residents say it's one of the worst Fourth of July's on the record. 

"This was one of the worst years," said Beth Hill. "It was like a war zone out here - the windows were rattling. It was really, really bad." 

City workers are expected to be out starting Monday, July 7. They said it could take them nearly two days of work to finish cleaning trashed parks. 

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