A Lamont teacher is in hot water after posting a rant against students and parents on his Facebook

LAMONT, Calif. - A teacher in Lamont is in hot water after posting a rant against students and parents on his Facebook page.

A teacher at Alicante elementary in Lamont is being investigated by the school district for postings he made on his Facebook page.

23ABC was sent screen grabs of the postings.

We are not identifying the teacher until we get more information from the school or the teacher.

In one posting he rants about a mom who complains he is too harsh with students.

Read the rants here: http://bit.ly/17CSjBZ

The teacher writes the student can only read 7 words a minute and still counts on their fingers even though they are in the third grade.

The teacher also criticizes the woman for only having a fourth grade education and not speaking any English.

23ABC went to the school today to talk to parents. Most wouldn't go on camera but said they are upset about the incident.

The school district confirms they are investigating the incident but won’t comment further saying it’s a personnel matter.

The teacher follows up the first rant with photo implying the family is on welfare.

In separate rant the teacher talks about another student and their parent.

He claims the kid is a poor student and even reveals details of an incident the student was supposedly disciplined for.

The teacher also calls the parent a crack head who is always in and out of jail.

23ABC will continue to try and get answers from the school and the teacher.


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