A local woman is being charged for delivering babies without a license

Woman charged for illegally delivering babies

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Tuesday, 60-year-old Brenda Capps was charged for reportedly delivering babies without a license.

According to the Kern County Attorney's office, Capps could face up to five years for two counts of practicing without a license, one count of practicing/advertising without a current valid license, one count of dispensing dangerous drugs without a license and one count of false claim for payment of health care.

People have swarmed social media to sound off on the charges this midwife with 22 years experience might face.

One site is even encouraging people to donate money to help pay for Capps' legal fees.

That website has already raised more than $8,000.

According to the California Medical Board, Capps has been repeatedly warned to stop delivering babies without a license and their investigation revealed she has failed an exam that would give her the proper licensing twice.

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