A mother honors her fallen son through ballet performance

Son gave up ballet to serve our country

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - This is the first time that Amy Grant Wolfe has taken her ballet production on the road. “Colin” is the story about a young marine who dies on his first deployment.

“I was speaking with an old friend of mine… and he wanted to do a piece for the ballet company and we wanted to make it really special, he wanted it to be very special. And he said, gee, let’s do something patriotic,” Wolfe said.

But for Amy, this show is more than just a patriotic performance. This is how she honors her fallen son.

“We tried to make him go to college first, and all that, but no. Right after high school he enlisted and left for boot camp.”

After just 7 weeks into his first deployment, Colin Wolfe died from a roadside bomb. His mother coped with her loss through ballet, a passion that both shared.

“Colin and I were very, very close. Matter of fact, he often got ribbed about you know, being a mommy’s child. And we would do everything together when he was little. And that is why he started to dance, because I danced,” she remembered.

Joshua Burnham has Colin’s role in this performance. He has danced all his life, but this role is unlike anything he has ever done.

“I wanted to be really what she remembered Colin as, so there was no, I didn’t want to put any of what I did into it. I really wanted to nail what her memories were.”

The show is here in Bakersfield for one night only, Friday, July 26th at 8:00pm at the Dore Theater. Tickets are $20 dollars at the door and active duty military gets in free. 

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