A new fitness craze has women swinging in the air from fabric

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A new fitness craze is sweeping through Bakersfield and attracting many women around the community.

Fly Gym Aerial Fitness allows woman to suspend themselves in the air through the use of fabric slings that are hung from the ceiling.

Polga Fitness near Ming Avenue and Stine Road is the only gym in Kern County that has added the new fitness equipment to their facilities. They are attracting more clientele than usual, according to owner Diana Victoria.

“It has been a lot of word of mouth,” Victoria said. “One girl brought in her sister, five turned to ten, and now I have full classes.”

Victoria said the fly gym slings allow women to become strong and help lengthen their muscles. The rope allows a woman to achieve full motion in 360-degrees, while sculpting their bodies.

Although students come for the fitness aspect of the classes, Victoria said they receive more in return than they had expected.

One of Victioria’s students, Shela Ramirez, first came to Polga fitness over a year ago just to learn pole. She said she noticed a change in the way she carried herself once she received training on the fly gyms.

“It changed my life, my body, my confidence," Ramirez said, "I feel empowered.”

Ramirez, who is now an instructor, has seen the same change in many other members.

“It develops your self-esteem and women that come here just want something more in their lives,” Ramirez said. “Once you come through that door you’re not only building a better body but a better self.”

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