A portion of I-5 is shut down causing plenty of delays

Weather conditions closes busy Interstate



It's not the way many drivers expected to spend the evening, but Mother Nature had other plans as snow and icy road conditions forced the closure of the Grapevine.

The California Highway Patrol is escorting in both directions of Interstate 5, but earlier in the day when both lanes were shut down it caused heavy traffic and long delays.

“It's a major inconvenience.  It's my first time ever being stuck out here," said driver, Cynthia Clausell.

Many drivers spent hours stranded on one of the busiest interstates in California.

"I'm keeping the faith.  I'll be there tonight.  I'll be in my bed tonight and not at the Ramada Inn so, I'm okay.  I'm good," she said.

Weather conditions forced the closure of the Grapevine causing one big mess along I-5.

"it's bumper to bumper.  No moving. Nothing," said driver, Nikki Livingston.

Although some drivers managed to beat the storm, others weren't so lucky.

"I don't know what happened.  There must be snow up in the mountain and we can't get up.  They've closed the road.  It's been terrible," said driver, Nikola Betranovic.

Travelers had to make last minute changes, but some people didn't seem to mind.

"Oh, we were just going to wait around.  Have a bit of a talk.  I'm from Australia so they have a lot of questions to ask me about Australia and stuff like that so, we'll pass the time by chatting a bit," he said.

Other stranded motorists forced to wait at a nearby gas station began packing up for the long wait ahead of them.

"Man, I'm chilling.  I got all my snacks," a local driver said.

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