A possible phone scam is using red light cameras to scam drivers

A warning for area drivers


The next phone call you receive might end up costing a lot of money.  A possible phone scam is using red light cameras to target area drivers.

Driving in Bakersfield, chances are you may have already gone through an intersection with red light cameras…and it’s one of the ways thieves try to con people out of their hard earn money.

Raymond Garcia spends a lot of time driving his children around town and says he’s very familiar with red light cameras.

“I go by those frequently,” he said.

Garcia never thought he would get a traffic citation from any red light camera until he received a mysterious call.

“There was a message, a voice mail on my phone and when I checked it. I listened to what the person had to say and it was an officer…he said this is officer, I don’t remember the name, but it was noisy,” said Garcia.

The number came from a restricted line and the person on the other end calling with an urgent message.

“He said that I ran a red light and i needed to call him back and so he left a number,” said Garcia.

Garcia returned the call using the number the gentleman left on his voicemail, no one answered.   So, he left a message and tried calling multiple times with no luck.

“I was wondering where did I run a red light.  I have two kids so I was wondering why would I run the red lights when I have two kids, I haven’t been in any heavy traffic,” he said.

Garcia later learned the same type of call he received was also similar to the one that came in on his mother’s landline.

“My mom said she got someone live, she said she ran the red light, she didn’t tell her where, it just said they’ll be getting in touch with her,” said Garcia.

The Garcia’s did some research and found out red light camera citations are never given over the phone.  Instead, tickets are mailed to violators.

“I just feel sorry for whoever gets taken out there and especially senior citizens because you don’t if with dementia or short term memory, they can pray on a lot of these older people so that’s my main concern,” he said.

We contacted Bakersfield Police who tell us citations for red light cameras are sent to violators over the mail and not over the phone.

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