A rookie firefighter breaks a wall with his bare hands and pulls woman to safety

Firefighter saves woman from burning home

TEHACHAPI, Calif. - A woman is recovering after being pulled from her burning home over the weekend.


A rookie firefighter from the Lamont fire station took on an overtime shift in Tehachapi.


Little did he know that Sunday morning he'd be breaking in through a wall with his bare hands and saving a woman's life.


First year firefighter Paul Abarquez was putting out flames on one side of the house on Mission Street when he heard a faint cry.


That's when he let go of the water hose and dropped to his knees.


He said he found a little piece of the wood paneling that he could break apart and saw her feet.


He said with one swift move he pulled the woman from the burning home.


Abarquez said he was just doing his job.


That woman has not yet been identified but we do know that she suffered severe burns.


The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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