A lawmaker plan to fine tune prison realignment could the governor's support


A lawmaker plan to fine tune prison realignment could get the governor's support.

When Republicans in Sacramento announced yesterday they had a plan to reform Governor Jerry Brown’s landmark prison realignment law many thought there would be democratic opposition.

But today the governor showed signs of being open to change.

Prison realignment also known as AB-109 is the plan to stop sending low level offenders to state prison.

The plan is Governor Brown’s way of addressing state budget problems while complying with a federal court order to reduce prison overcrowding.

But, it hasn’t been all smooth sailing.

Here in Kern County, law enforcement reported a spike in property crimes in the first year after realignment.

And a recent study shows more sex offenders are violating parole since it took effect.

So this week Republicans in the state house introduced several bills that would alter realignment.

Among the changes: sending sex offenders who violate parole back to prison;  another would increase penalties for those who disable their GPS tracking devices and a third would provide additional funding for law enforcement and treatment services.

State Republicans want to sit down with Democrats and talk about the proposals.

Wednesday, a corrections department spokesperson authorized to speak for the Governor’s office said it is premature to blame prison realignment for an increase in crime and that everyone is interested in seeing more research on the effects of realignment.

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