Account raises hundreds over night for disabled toddler's swing set

Mother has 4 other children

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A PayPal account to donate funds for a disabled toddler's swing set raised over a few hundred dollars in one night.

Nicole Ramirez, the mother of five children--including 4-year-old Kylie--raised many flags when she asked why there aren't more swings in local parks for disabled children on Facebook about a month ago.

Kylie was diagnosed with  agenesis of the corpus callosum at 3-months-old.

The Director of Marketing at the North of the River Recreation and Park District, Roger Perez, replied to Ramirez and said the cost for such specific swing sets would cost about $24,800.

Recently, several friends of Ramirez's posted a blog link with a PayPal donation link to their own Facebook pages on Wednesday night, in hopes to raise enough funds to get Kylie her own personal swing set.

As of 11:00 a.m. on Friday, the PayPal account has received $485 in local donations.

A Facebook page regarding the swing went up on Thursday night and has received over 120 likes within 24 hours.


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