Accused midwife's attorney defends client

Capps faces several misdemeanors

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Brenda Capps, the accused, self-proclaimed midwife who has been delivering babies for more than 22 years, faced a judge this morning for working without a license.

She faces several misdemeanors including two counts of practicing medicine without a license. Today, her attorney, David Faulkner, discussed today's hearing and defended his client's innocence.

"We pleaded not guilty to all charges," he said.

Prosecutors say the California Medical Board claims Capps has been warned many times to cease and desist her practice of midwifery, but Faulkner argues that accusation is false.

"This allegation that she's been warned repeatedly is just not true. It was also stated that there was a cease and desist letter sent out and she never received a cease and desist letter," Faulkner said.

Her attorney also stated that Capps made her clients aware that she does not have a license.

"She's never represented to anybody that she holds a licensed midwife certificate. That's never been anything she's represented in any way," Faulkner said.

Marivette Torres, a friend of Capps, also defended Capps.

"Every woman has the right to choose her birth team whether it be with a licensed midwife or an unlicensed midwife, it's her choice," she said.

Capps is now awaiting a pre-trial in March.

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