Acid spill sickens 2 along I-5 at the CHP truck scales

Ambulances were called out to the scene

Hazmat crews were on scene of an acid spill at the CHP truck scales along Interstate-5, at the base of the Grapevine this morning.

Fire crews said that acid apparently spilled form a tanker at the truck inspection site Wednesday morning.

At about 4:20 a.m., a big rig pulling a tanker trailer from Haliburton entered the Grapevine scales. 

A CHP officer noticed that the truck was overweight and requested the driver pull into one of the inspection bays for further investigation.

As the officer conducted the inspection, he noticed a solution dripping from the tank.

Upon further inspection, the solution was determined to be hydrochloric acid. 

Kern County Fire and Environmental Health were notified and went to the scales.

Officials also said at least two people were sickened by fumes and ambulances went to the scales.

A CHP officer was taken to Mercy Southwest for precaution.

Traffic on the interstate was not affected and the general public was not at risk.

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