Advanced technology making it harder for local photography businesses in Bakersfield

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Advance technology is making it harder for local photographers to do business in Bakersfield. 

According to local businesses, digital cameras and cell phones are impacting traditional photographers as they see more and more people opting into the selfie era. 

"Today's cameras are integrating to phones and each year they keep coming out with newer models that have better quality, more mega pixels and I think it's a great way to take fast reliable pictures," said Bryan Cervantes. 
As new technology continues to advance photographers are learning different ways to adapt and stay on top of the competition. 
Jimmy Bunting own of Henley's photographer has experienced change in technology since 1920.
 "We definitely have been known for the traditional services but at the same time we are extending that to digital and going as modern as we can.  So right now we're rebuilding our website and so we're making it possible to place orders directly on our website and have them upload them directly to our lab and just print automatically," said Henley. 
Other local photo shops continue to update editing software to offer even more services to keep doors open. 
"The masses are happy with instragram or selfies and things like that so in order to keep ahead of that we have to do, I would say a higher quality print, higher quality work, make it more art rather than just a picture," said Teresa Nielson from High Style Photographer and Art Re-production. 
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