After 6 days of service, company announces cancellation of Bakersfield to LAX bus route

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The company behind the Bakersfield-LAX bus route announced cancellation of service Saturday.

Interstate Bus started the route Sunday, Nov. 24.

Their website,, said, verbatim

"All service on this route is cancelled. Passengers are being automatically refunded to their method of payment. If you booked through the pre-Eventbrite system, please e-mail your order to us at so that we can refund your ticket as we can no longer "see" your travel date. All tickets for travel dates November 30 and beyond are being refunded."

A representative from the company said several factors doomed the route for Bakersfield residents.

"This market was used to simply bringing cash to the pickup," the representative said in an email. "Our service was based on pre-reservation and limited cash usage to minimize startup costs."

The representative said that logistics also made the business difficult. Riders did not have parking available and on-street stops were restrictive.

The representative said that Bakersfield riders need a more-traditional set up

"Overall, the way we set our service up may not have been the right way for this market. We use a lot of technology to keep the manpower needs down, but there are many people who were not able to take advantage of that structure. There were also a fair number of Spanish speakers that we could not assist in using the service. We think a carrier that is more traditional with existing parking and terminal space could attract more passengers and be successful. We are a non-traditional operation and it hurt us here."

Interstate Bus started up for the holiday season after a different company had to end the route in September.

Tickets were $32 each.

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