After a traumatic injury a couple's love is tested

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Traumatic injuries can put a strain on a person's memory, movement and relationships... this was not the case for Cindy and Gary Chapman. 

42 years ago, the college sweethearts met in a political science class at Fresno State University.

"She was a good student and I needed help so I sat by her" Gary said.

Three kids and four grandchildren later, the two we're living a normal life until a car accident rewrote their retirement plans two and a half years ago.

Gary was in a car accident so severe he spent more than a year in hospitals and therapy treatments at the Centre for Neuro Skills.

Thankfully, he had top of the line equipment and therapists but his counselors says his greatest medicine was his devoted wife, Cindy.

CNS caseworker Zenobia Mehta explained, "she had done it all from day one. Without her support I really don't think Gary would have made it as far as he has".

Cindy made the more than 40 mile drive from the couple's Hart Flat home to the centre's Ashe Road location every day for her husband's six hour treatments.

Today, Gary is still working on some minor things but he gives all his success to the woman who never left his side.

"She's my heart, she's my soul and that's just the way it has to be that's just the way it is" Gary said.

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