After Taft Union High School shooting parents want answers

Investigators to pursue all leads in Taft shooting

TAFT, Calif - Investigators will now be pursuing all leads as they look for answers about the Taft Union High School shooting. Those leads will begin with accusations that the shooter had threatened students in the past and even came to school with a 'hit list' last year.

After the shooting took place, thousands of parents and family members flooded into the streets outside Taft Union High School and the area.

Sheriff officials slowly released students in small waves. Officials said that allowed them to account for everyone on campus. For parents that proved agonizing, as some waited hours to see their child.

Parents reacted outside the school. Even after being reunited with her daughter, one mom said, "You know it is still scary. It still shakes you up. It's hard."

Danielle Overton received a call from her daughter, who was inside the school . Overton came to the school and then waited like many other parents.

"I'm hurt," Overton said. "I feel for that mom. I see that mom collapse looking for her son."

Investigators say the suspect talked about being bullied at the school. Sheriff Donny Youngblood said that claim and rumors of a hit list will be part of their investigation.


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