Alarming college fees are being added on to tuition costs to make up for loss of funding

CSUB student fees increased over $1000 in 10 years

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Student fees vary per college and can range in amount but at California State Bakersfield the campus based fees  have increased by nearly a thousand dollars since 2004.

Student fees are clearly an irritant for students and families but worse the fees have grown immensely over the last 10 years due to lost funds. 


"In the past several years we seen about a billion cut in the whole CSU system budget, when that happens we still have to pay teachers, we still have students enrolled we still have buildings that are standing if the state money decreases the off set has to come from somewhere," said Colleen Dillaway, Director of Public Affairs  with CSUB.
Cal State students once paid a 70 dollar fee for use of the student union and recreation center but now are charged 435 dollars a year.
When 23 ABC spoke with students on campus many of them said they weren't aware of this fee and some say they don't use the facility. 
"It would be better if could choose what we paid for based on what we use and what we don't, like I don't use the gym but I pay for the gym, " said Tori Vazquez a Junior at CSUB. 
Although the fees are a part of the overall tuition to attend the college most students would like to see the money go somewhere else and be more useful. 
"Honestly I'd use some of these fees for some of our sports programs that are struggling, I think the wrestling program could use some of that," said Tim Box a CSUB Sophomore. 
These alarming fees are popping up all over the country. Worcester state university in Massachusetts charges a "parking and pedestrian fee" that students must pay before stepping foot on campus. 
The extra fees may come as a surprise to many students but, CSUB officials said they do their best to make sure the necessary information about fees and tuition is clear and available on the students home page.


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