American Red Cross Kern County Chapter to send volunteer to help with relief efforts in Mississippi


The American Red Cross – Kern County Chapter is preparing to send one of its volunteers to Mississippi to help relief efforts.

Veronique Royer is passionate about helping those in need.

"I feel like I’m doing something," she said.

She's been part of the American Red Cross – Kern County chapter for several years.  Starting this week, Royer will be part of the recovery effort in Mississippi.

“I’m lucky. I can help people and its extremely rewarding," said Royer.

She plans to work with families, providing help with clothes, food and lodging.  Other volunteers, already stationed across the south and Midwest have provided health services, and relief supplies. 

"They're trained in how to handle this but nothing can really prepare you for that. However, I’ve heard nothing but wonderful stories from them when they return," said Amy Mayer, Volunteer Coordinator for the American Red Cross Kern County Chapter.

 The organization has sent out more than 400 volunteers to 29 different red cross shelters through out the 11 states impacted by recent storms.  Leaders say there may be more opportunities for people to help families in the coming weeks.

"There's a huge need and it's growing as there's going to be more potential rain fall and flooding possibilities so, the need is just going to continue," she said.

The Red Cross volunteer leaves tomorrow for about three weeks.

Anyone interested in helping families impacted by the storms or even donating can contact the kern county chapter of the American Red Cross.


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