Animal euthanasia rates down in City of Bakersfield, Kern County Animal Services

BAKERSFIELD - Kern County animal shelters have seen a decrease in the number of cats and dogs being euthanized.

Kern County Animal Services had 34 percent of animals put down in January and 41 percent in February. That is more than a 10 percent decrease from a year ago.

"There is a large focused on responsible pet ownership, adoptions and rescues," said Nick Cullen, supervisor at KCAS. "It's all starting to trickle down to the shelter where we're seeing a reduction in euthanasia."

Both City of Bakersfield and KCAS shelters have started new programs to help save more strays. The county has received thousands of dollars in grants to spay and neuter animals in the city and in outlying areas.

"The community as a whole is starting to realize the necessity for spay and neuter," said Cullen.

The county has also implemented a trap and release program for farel cats.

"We've put 13,000 cats in the program, again, that's 13,000 cats that would have been euthanized in years prior," Cullen said.

A grand jury have released a report on the progress of both the city and county animal shelters last week. The jury believes there is still more work left to be done in reducing the number of euthanasia.

"We really want to find homes for all the homeless pets that we have," Cullen said.


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