Animal shelter asking for blanket donations during cold winter months

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The winter months take a toll on everyone especially pets that can't protect themselves from the cold. To keep the hundreds of animals warm at the Kern County Animal Shelter volunteers are asking for your help.

Jen Woodard with the Kern County Animal shelter says there is an immediate need for blankets, "we go through them a lot, we can only use them so man times."

Woodard explains the blankets are washed but they can only be used two to three times because they get shredded or could become diseased.

Many dogs are left outside in the elements every night and donated blankets would give the animals a soft bed and a source of warmth they otherwise don't have.

Woodard says all blankets will be welcomed but there are specific ones that could last longer and help multiple animals, "we'd like a blanket that doesn't have stuffing and preferably things like fleece blankets are easy to clean and we can cut them into smaller sizes for cats."

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