Annual car show helps raise funds and awareness about the Kern County Museum

Hundreds of Cars line up at annual show

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Car owners from across the state are showing off their pride and joys.

Cars from all shapes, sizes and colors are on display as volunteers help raise awareness and funds for the Kern County Museum.

Marcos Ochoa drives all over California and puts his hard work and dedication on display.

“It’s a way of life.  The way I like to live. I love cars, even since I was small, playing with hot wheels.  This is what I like to spend my money on and it’s a hobby. It’s just like a sport.  It’s what I do,” he said.

Ochoa has spent about $12,000 making sure all his cars are equipped with the right color, the loud sound and the perfect shine.

“Sometimes I’ll be driving and I’ll be trying to get off at this next exit and we’re trying to get into the right lane and I can’t because the person in the next lane is looking at my car and I’ll speed up and they will speed up to catch me,” said Ochoa.

More than two hundred vehicles from all over the state are helping drive people to the Kern County Museum as part of the annual fundraiser to support program and services.

“The paint jobs are flawless, the systems are nice, loud, and just everything is perfect on the cars,” said James Espinoza who is visiting the car show.

Families are enjoying music and the contests that come along with the show, while it’s the vehicles that are inspiring many young drivers.

“So far I’m impressed with everything I see. Everywhere I turn it just seems like people put so much money on their cars. It looks like it takes years and I got a long way to go,” he said.

This is the third year for the car show and organizers say it’s a community fundraiser that continues to grow.

“What we’re trying to do is keep this place, the museum, busy. Schools are not showing that much, like they use to on field trips so by helping them out and bringing people here, we’re supporting them,” said Steve Gonzales, Aztec Image.

Volunteers are already hard at work for the next big show which takes place in July as they team up again with the Kern County Museum. 

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