Anonymous artist takes his talent to the streets

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - For the past five years an anonymous artist has been leaving his art work on the streets of Bakersfield free for whoever is willing to take it home.

He calls himself “Poet” and he doesn’t want any of his fans to know who he is.

I've never seen him. I don't know what he looks like but his art is awesome,” said Victoria Barton.

“I feel like he's watching us somewhere. I want to meet him,” said Holly Rockwood and Kelsey Scott.

“Poet” uses social media to let his followers know when and where they can find his prized paintings.

"It's just awesome I mean we don't have a lot of people doing I guess you could say renegade art in Bakersfield so this is kind of like that. You have to do it and get out so you don't get in trouble,” explained Barton.

Those who want the art also have to be quick. More people are learning about the free art and his pieces aren't up for long.

Over the weekend people even braved the near freezing temperatures to get their hands on the art.

“Poet” told 23ABC he started the art drops as a hobby. Now, he has become an inspiration others. That’s why he chooses to stay anonymous.

“I like the idea that people can take something I do and find inspiration in it without knowing anything about me,” explained “Poet.”

“Poet” also said he grew up loving poetry, but decided to use images to tell a story instead.

"I don't always necessarily have something I'm trying to say other than to get people to stop and look at it. Other times I do try to include a message. We can all find messages in things if we try."

"Poet" drops off art at various locations in Bakersfield at least once a month. To find out when and where the next art drop will be find him on Facebook or Instagram.


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