Area businesses finding success through weddings

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The Sycamore Canyon Golf Course in Arvin is now closed, but developers are giving it new life with an almond orchard as a setting for a wedding venue.  The business expects to create dozens of new jobs.

Work is now underway on transforming the 18-hold golf course into a sanctuary filled with water falls, trees, flowers and even a lake where couples will be able to celebrate their love for one another.

"It's going to be a beautiful place, " said owner John Haddad.

Developers John and James Haddad are expanding their wedding business, JEH Ranch on the Kern River and creating JEH Ranch on the Orchards bringing with it new jobs to Kern County.

"We need the jobs.  People need work and everybody deserves to work so, we're really happy with this one and the one at the river. We're creating close to 80 jobs," he said.

The developers already own a car dealership and a vineyard in Delano.  The expansion of their wedding business, they say reflects the demand for service.

"People are always getting married," said JC Cota, owner of All Sound Music.

DJ's at All Sound Music stay busy entertaining families around Kern County with 40 weddings booked every year.

"Just about every weekend. We do have to take some time off for family and what not, but just about every weekend it's very heavy.  Sundays and Fridays are sprinkled in through the year, but for the foremost it's a Saturday gig just about every weekend," he said.

From music to video to pictures, people are finding success through other people's special moments.

"It was hard in the beginning and if you're established and have a unique style, I think you can be successful," said RJ Joshan of RJ Wedding Photography.

Joshan turned his hobby of photography into a full-time job marking it hard sometimes to turn away business.

"It's the photos that you're going to look back and say I remember this, I remember how the food was, I remember how the dj was and how we danced on the dance floor," he said.


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