Area retail stores prepare for a flood of customers during Black Friday

Shoppers spend days waiting in line for deals

BAKERSFIELD - The official start of the holiday shopping season is just a few hours away.

Many people are expected to flood department stores nationwide hoping to get great deals.  People have been waiting outside of Best Buy since Monday. 

Employees at Best Buy are making sure everything is ready for Black Friday.

“We bring out our customer promises for our customers and let them know we have the best product, the best prices, we match everybody including Amazon, we take care of our customers no matter what,” said Michael Taylor, Best Buy Mobile manager.

Best Buy is joining Old Navy and Target among many other stores by opening its doors at midnight and offering big door buster deals.

“A lot of great gadgets, like we have the I-phone 5 which just came out, it’s one of our big sellers.  The galaxy x three by Samsung is a great phone that everybody is wanting,” said Taylor.

And several shoppers are willing to wait, and wait, and wait some more for their chance to get their hands on some big ticket items.

“Well, I’m planning to get a laptop, it’s one of the door busters and my cousin wants to get a ps3 and my mom wants to get a TV so, I have to grab it fast,” said shopper David Dang.

Black Friday is a day target employees have been preparing for since September.  Workers will use interior and exterior barriers to control the massive crowd that is expected.

“We’ll be cueing them into lanes to make sure there is no confusion.  There’s no trampling on each other and making sure we are executing and giving our guests the best experience possible,” said Sammantha David, manager at Target.

People eager to take advantage of the bargains are looking to spend most of their money on electronics such as iPods, iPads, Blue Ray DVD players and television sets.

“We’ve only been here since yesterday afternoon,” said Liz Carnal who waited in line since Wednesday.

Carnal and her boyfriend are among the brave souls who planned ahead.  They have their shopping list ready to go…

“We want to get computers, the laptop I want is almost half off and we both have the weekend holiday off anyway so, it works.  We switch off, I went home and showered and ate breakfast then I came back and took his spot and he went,” she said.

People in line say that's how it works.  One person sits in for a few hours until the person in line returns.

But not to worry – many of these people did get a chance to have some turkey with their families.

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