Area shoppers prepare for more holiday deals on Cyber Monday

Holiday shopping deals continue online

BAKERSFIELD - Shoppers are getting another chance to save big this holiday season with the arrival of Cyber Monday.

Retailers say they are expecting Cyber Monday to bring in twenty percent more sales than last year and the big online sales; well it has many shoppers ready to click those computer mouses.

Like most people her age, Ashley Flores purchases most things over the internet.

“It’s really easy. It’s 1-2-3, just go on there.  Find what you want and get it,” said Flores.

Flores never misses an online bargain and says using a lap top or even a cell phone makes it real easier to buy items.

“I purchased my little sister’s x-box on my phone. I was actually on my way home from out of town and my mom told me ‘hey get her an x-box’ and I quickly went on Amazon and purchased it there,” she said.

Her holiday shopping list is done and now she’s just waiting for Cyber Monday to get family and friends their gifts, all while saving a little bit of money.

“I like shopping online because you are in the comfort of your own home.  Not having to get up at 12 in the morning to form a line or even earlier.  You are just in your pj’s being home ordering it and not having to worry about anything,” said Flores.

Retailers like best buy are offering huge sales on big ticket items you normally wouldn’t see at their store. 

“There’s a lot of really great sales going on there that wasn’t in store that are online, like really good sales on TV’s, computers, accessories, a lot of that stuff is really on sale,” said Michael Sanchez, sales associate for Best Buy.

Retailers say buying online gives customers more of a guarantee their product will be available then at stores where this time of the year, there is a high volume of shoppers.

“Online shopping, it’s really a lot of electronics that I see that people always go for.  Video games, movies, CD’s, a lot of tablets, something like that they always go online too, because there’s a lot more variety on there,” said Sanchez.

Some websites will be launching their Cyber Monday sales at midnight Sunday, but sites like Target, Walmart and Best Buy have great items available right now.

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