Armed and strong arm robberies skyrocket in Kern county, jumping 48% compared to last year

Armed & strong arm robberies up 48%

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Tuesday night around 9:45 two men covered in dark clothing, armed with a knife and gun robbed the Carl's Jr. across from Valley plaza.
"They immediately entered the business jumped over the counter, took control of all the employees and proceeded to rob the business of cash," said BPD Sgt. Martin Heredia.

Less than an hour later the 7-11 on west Columbus was also robbed.

Police say by men fitting the same description.

Mini mart clerks all over Bakersfield have given that same description to law enforcement in the last couple of months.

Since the beginning of October in Bakersfield alone, there have been at least 15 armed robberies of mini marts.

In November, there have been two armed robberies per week.

"We're looking at it to see if they're all related. We are seeing some similarities that they could be. But at this point we're not 100 percent sure be we are leaning in that direction," said Heredia.

Robbers seem to be getting more violent.

In three cases, robbers attacked clerks, including a 60-year-old employee who was stabbed several times.

The Sheriffs office said armed and strong arm robberies-- in which robbers attack victims -- are up 48% compared to last year.

"At this point we need any assistance from the community who may have seen something prior to these robberies. People acting suspicious such as casing, going into these businesses not really purchasing anything and just observing whats going on," said Heredia.

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