Arturo Rodriguez heads to Washington to proposal immigration reform for farm workers

Bill would secure borders and help labor taskforce


Farm and labor groups testified in Washington Monday on an immigration overhaul bill that would affect our border security and offer a pathway to citizenship to illegal farm workers.


Arturo Rodriguez, the President of the United Farm Workers of America, said America's ranches and farmers are the envy of the world but they rely heavily on labor from illegal immigrants. A far-reaching immigration bill got its first rest at a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee where Rodriguez urged lawmakers to support the workforce that harvest our fruit and vegetables every day.


"The farms and farm workers that make up our agricultural industry are truly heroic in their willingness to work hard and take on risks as they plant and harvest the food all of us eat everyday, but our immigration system threatens our nations food supply," Arturo said.


Under the agreement, current farm workers who are in the country illegally would become eligible to obtain legal status through a blue card program.


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