Arvin park put on hold for five years, residents wondering why

ARVIN, Calif. - People in Arvin are curious as to why a park that was supposed to be built five years ago continues to be one of the community's biggest eyesores.

At one point, benches, flowers and even a brick walk-way were built in the area, but the full park was never built and the only thing there is a big dirt field.

The dirt field was supposed to be made into a park that the city promised to residents. The city was granted $3.4 million to build a state of the art park which would include a frisball golf course, grass volleyball courts, and even the city's first spray park.

23ABC reached out to Arvin Mayor Jose Flores and he told us, "The plan has been approved, it takes a long time though, it's a long term process."

In 2011, Governor Jerry Brown eliminated redevelopment agencies across the state, which put the park on delay.

Because the park was owned by those agencies, the city has to regain ownership before they can start building.

We learned the park was approved by the state March 7, which means the city will be able to start building the park.

Mayor Flores says he's very excited about the news and can't wait to start building the park that will now be called Garden In The Sun.

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