Arvin Mayor: Water is clean and safe to drink

Officials say water tested negative for bacteria

ARVIN, Calif. - The water is back up and running in Arvin, Calif, and Mayor Jose Flores is persistent in spreading the news. 

After more than three days without water, more than 18,000 people in the community of Arvin can now go back to drinking water. Flores took the initiative and proved Arvin residents it's safe by drinking the water himself. 

The Arvin Community Service District performed several tests, one on Saturday and another on Sunday, in order to make sure no trace of the bacteria was found.

The Public Health Department told 23 ABC that they're sending inspectors down there to take down notices that alerted residents of potential water contamination, and that restaurants will now be allowed to open.

Tonight Mayor Flores drank a glass of Arvin tap water at a residential home in front of viewers just to prove that the water is clean.  





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