As high winds pick up, so does Valley Fever in Kern County

With wind speeds picking up across Kern County, it becomes bothersome for those with allergies.

Sheri Anne Killion, a Bakersfield native says she has allergies and today was nothing out of the ordinary.

"I haven't noticed much today, but some days are worse," Killion explains.

Brandon Tanyhill also moved to Kern County a few weeks ago and has already noticed an increase of his allergy symptons. 

"It's not too good. I wake up every morning and half the time I can't smell," Tanyhill said.

While the wind speeds increase the circulation of air particles making it bothersoon for those with allergies, it can also trigger valley fever.

"Windy days probably fracture off more spores and more, and they fly around the air a bit more," said Dr. Royce Johnson of Kern Medical Center.

Allergies and valley fever are not related, but studies have suggested that those with respitory illnesses such as asthma are more at risk.

"Asthma is an allergic disease. It may have some predispositions, but it's fairly minor," Dr. Johnson said. 

Symptoms of valley fever include fatigue, cough, fever, headache and rash.

Here are the number of Valley Fever cases in Kern County.

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