Assemblywoman Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield) today spoke out against the majority party's state budge

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Assemblywoman Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield) today spoke out against the majority party’s state budget, which will appropriate $96.3 billion dollars in General Fund monies to government programs:

“This year’s budget is just what you would expect from legislation drafted by Democrats, with virtually no Republican input. No spending limit was set. No strong ‘rainy day’ fund was established to guard against future economic downturns. Little effort was made to build up the state’s reserves. The budget failed to address any of the state’s financial obligations, such as unfunded pension costs, retiree healthcare benefits, and federal loans owed for the unemployment insurance fund. While this is disappointing, it’s no surprise that the Democrats continue to fund new programs with complete disregard for any sense of fiscal responsibility to California’s taxpayers.”

Funding areas of the Democrats’ spending plan that Assemblywoman Grove opposes include:


“Voters passed Proposition 30, a $50 billion tax increase, last November because they believed it was the only way to protect their children’s education. But this year’s budget fails to repay many of the debts owed to California’s schools and doesn’t include the tuition freeze that myself and legislative Republicans proposed earlier this year. Democrats, for all of their supposed concern over education, included precious little in this budget to help K-12 school districts, and blatantly failed to prevent future higher education tuition hikes,” said Grove.


“AB 32, California’s cap-and-trade program, was established by the Legislature a few years ago as a scheme to save the planet from global warming, just like Proposition 30 was sold to the public as the only way to save California’s schools. But this year’s budget pumps $500 billion collected through the cap-and-trade program into the General Fund to support social welfare programs. These funding gimmicks should prove to everyone that cap-and-trade is nothing but an illegal tax on California businesses,” said Grove.

Public Safety & Realignment

“The 2013 budget continues Governor Brown’s dangerous ‘felon release’ program and shortchanges Central Valley counties like Kern that have a high proportion of inmates who at one time would have gone to state prison. The Democrats unfairly favor counties elsewhere in the state, like those in the San Francisco Bay Area, that are receiving significantly more realignment funding than communities like ours. Kern County is struggling to deal with an influx of dangerous criminals, and under the Democrats’ allocation formula, it will continue to be difficult to keep our neighborhoods safe,” said Grove.

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