Synthetic turf being installed around Bakersfield City Hall's North building

The turf could save people money and water

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Workers have started to install synthetic turf around Bakersfield City Hall's North building, Thursday.

The city hired Courts and Greens sports and recreation company to take out the grass and install the new synthetic turf. 

Rhonda Smiley, Assistant to the City Manager, said the turf is being installed to stop water from pooling in the building's basement, which has been a problem for a while. 

The owner of Courts and Greens said his business has been booming over the last several years.

"When I first started the business we had maybe one job a month, now we have crews out everyday installing turf," said owner Gerald Ogden. 

Many of Ogden's customers say the reason why they chose to install turf is to save money on water, gardening bills and to help the environment.

The Bakersfield Water Resource Department said that around the county we are experiencing drought conditions and advise people to cut back on their water use.

"About 60 percent of residential water use is from irrigation. People should think responsibly when it comes to watering their lawn," said Art Chianello, Water Resource Manager for the City of Bakersfield.

Chianello says people can save about 25 percent off their water use by cutting back sprinkler timers and  adjusting their sprinklers so they are not watering the sidewalk.

Installation of the turf into City Hall is expected to be done by Friday. 

Water expert say it's too early to tell how wet this winter will get, but if we get another dry year, the drought could get serious for everybody.

For more tips on how to conserve water, click here,  Association of California Water Agency  .

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