Attorney: 'Show us the videos' regarding arrest, alleged beating of Bakersfield resident by deputies

Videos 'confiscated' in way to suggest 'cover up'

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - "Show us the videos." That's what Attorney David Cohen said over and over again during the press conference regarding the death of David Silva, a man who was allegedly beaten to death by deputies.

David Silva's family was there but did not make any comments, letting their attorney do all the talking.

And he had some pretty choice words for the Sheriff's Office.

"If the Sheriff's Office doesn't have anything to hide, why aren't we being shown these videos? Why were they confiscated in a way that suggests a cover up," said Attorney David Cohen.

Cohen said investigators have used strong arm tactics to obtain cell phones from witnesses.

"To the point where they imprisoned people in their own residences, wouldn't let them leave for many hours until they obtained a search warrant," said Cohen.  "If there's nothing to hide, then show us the videos. Our community and this grieving family is entitled to know the truth."

Cohen claims the Sheriff's Office has stonewalled everyone including Silva's family, who have been relying on the media for information.

"The Sheriff's Department won't tell the family anything.  The Sheriff's Department wouldn't even let Mr. and Mrs. Silva see their son until after the autopsy," said Cohen.

Cohen said he's grateful to residents who filmed the incident.

"It's a situation where citizens are having to police the police.  Why is that taking place? Is this Rodney King all over again but in Kern County," questioned Cohen.

Cohen said he has filed motions requesting all videos be released and preservation of evidence for independent review.

"We want to make sure that those videos are not destroyed," said Cohen. "We want to make sure that those videos are not altered.  It's a major concern of this family and should be a major concern of this entire community."

Cohen said the Silva family plans to file a civil lawsuit in federal court claiming Silva's civil rights were violated.

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