Back to school safety tips

Resident Gloria Cook knows first hand the importance of wearing a bicycle helmet on the street.


"Unfortunately, a car didn't see me and ran me over so I was pinned under the vehicle," Cook said.


But her 15-year-old daughter starts school soon and doesn't like to wear a helmet because it doesn't look cool.


"Your hair can be replaced but you head and body cant," Cook said.


According to the Center for Disease Control, one in four traffic accidents among the ages 14 and under are pedestrian accidents. Alan Bradley, owner of Finish Cycle in Bakersfield, said a helmet begins with parenting.


"If parents can just instill in their children to wear a helmet and if parents ride bikes and wear them themselves and set an example that would probably help themselves," Bradley said.


Robert Rodriguez with the California Highway Patrol said they will also be on the look out for mindless drivers when school starts.


"We see a lot of double parking in school zones or speeding in school zones. People aren't mindful that kids are now walking school or biking to school," Rodriguez said.

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