Bak-Anime, Bakersfield anime convention held at Marriott

Bak-Anime convention held in Bakersfield


"Halloween everyday of the year basically," said Brian Kelly, who attended Bak-Anime. "When you're in this community it's always Halloween." 


To an outsider it might have looked like Halloween at the Marriott Hotel Sunday, as Bakersfield hosted Bak-Anime, the area's anime convention. 


The convention's organizer said the event was designed to meet demand from the local anime community. 


"They want it, there are a lot of happy people," Steve Wyatt said. "We don't make a lot of money doing this. I moved into town, it has been eight years now and we do this because it is fun." 


Wyatt is also involved with organizing Bakersfield Comic Con. 


The main attraction at Bak-Anime was a man who's voice is more famous than his face. 


"People look at you, and kind of go, so you're that guy? No, I'm not, I'm the voice of that guy. But sorry to have ruined the character for you," said Roger Craig Smith.


Smith is the voice actor behind Sonic the Hedgehog, Captain America, and Chris Redfield in the video game Resident Evil. Others might have heard his voice narrating TV shows like Say Yes to the Dress! or Bath Crashers.


Smith spoke at the convention and also took time to meet fans.


"Being behind the microphone, we really don't get to meet some of these people," Smith said. "So getting a chance to be invited here and be a guest and shake hands and sign autographs, which is surreal for me is just incredible."


Also at the convention - plenty of comics, videos, collectible cards and other memorabilia. some of which are hard to come across otherwise. 


"You find a lot of things you can't buy other places," Kelly said. "They're reasonably priced, but it's the variety that gets me for the dealers room."


Wyatt is planning a two day anime convention. He said that event will be held this November at the Bakersfield Marriott and Convention Center. 

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