Bakersfield Adult Education courses filling up fast; more adults head back to school

Bakersfield Adult Education classes enrollment up

 More and more adults are heading back to school, and some are choosing adult school over classes at community college.

Bakersfield Adult School classes are increasing with popularity.

"Our welding class filled up in a day and a half, and we had a waiting list at the end of the second day, of 50 people," said Assistant Principal Roman Aguilar.

About 75 people are set to graduate next month. Other popular vocational classes are computer and business-based, that have a hands-on learning experience. 

"Show you a specific trade for a specific skill set that you'd like to enjoy in the future.  I understand that, sometimes school's not for everybody," said Jesse Diaz, who is set to graduate next month.

Last year the adult school graduated about 400 students, and about an additional 300 earned their GED, with a price tag that's extremely affordable.

"All of our high school diploma and GED classes are free, at no cost- high school diploma, GED, and ESL classes are all free," said Aguilar.

The prices for vocational classes vary on the course- the welding class has a fee of 250 dollars, but computer classes on campus are ten dollars each. 

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