Bakersfield apartment tenants facing dangerous maintenance issues without landlord help

BAKERSFIELD - Several residents in a central Bakersfield apartment complex contacted 23 ABC after they say their landlord has done little to fix a laundry list of dangerous issues.

Arlene Medina has lived in the apartment for about eight months with her husband. At first there weren't any problems with their apartment, but things started to change within a couple of months after they noticed water leaking, water pooling, mold growing, and their sink and tub stopped draining.

"We put up with this so far because we had nowhere else to go and the landlord said she will fix these issues, but now we are sick of it," said Medina.

Josefina Castaneda lives in an upstairs unit with her two children and has experienced similar problems.

"We pay our rent on time so I don't know why she can't fix these problems," said Castaneda. Some of Castaneta's issues recently started happening within the past couple of months with water leaking and drainage issues.

"When we shower up here, the water goes downstairs and they get flooded with our water and our kitchen sink continually leaks," said Castaneda.

From the first day Casteneda moved, she says, she ask the landlord to fix the front window, which was broken, exposing sharp glass.

23 ABC spoke to County Code compliance officials, who say all the issues are a violation. However, residents need to address those issues first with the landlord in writing. If a landlord does not fix the problems, then residents need to mail a copy of that letter to County Code Compliance, who will then begin an official investigation.

"This place has so many issues, nobody should have to live like this," said Castaneda.

23 ABC contacted the the landlord, who lives out of town, and said that she is trying to fix these issues, but many of her tenants are not paying rent.

Medina said they have recently withheld some of the rent because the landlord is not fixed the issues.

For information about tenant and landlord requirements click here:

Kern County Code Compliance

2700 M St # 350, Bakersfield, CA 93301



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