Bakersfield Blaze looks to hire one hundred new employees

New baseball season begins in a few weeks


People interested in finding work made their way to downtown Bakersfield to interview with the Blaze.

The new season for the Bakersfield Blaze starts in four weeks and managers are spending this weekend recruiting one-hundred people to fill some key positions.

Scott Renslen wouldn't miss a chance to be part of all the excitement at the ball park.  

"The fans, the players, just everyone around, it’s a good environment," he said.

As a sports fan, he's hoping the Bakersfield Blaze hires him part-time.

"Made my resume up.  I went online, printed out an application and filled it out and typed it up, try to make it professional as possible, got up and made sure I was here on time," said Renslen.

Leaders with the baseball organization are hosting a job fair to quickly fill one-hundred game day positions.

"I think it would be great.  I love baseball and I just like being around sports.  I use to volunteer at Bakersfield College, working at football games, I just love being around that kind of environment," said Armando Ulloa, job applicant.

The team is looking to fill jobs including gate security, stadium ushers, and merchandise store salespersons.

"These are the first faces that our customers see when they come through the gate so, it's very important that they are customer friendly and that they are knowledgeable about all the things that we are offering to people, it's our most important positions," said Elizabeth Martin, general manager for the organization.

Peter Martinez and his son, Logan spent about an hour waiting for a chance to meet with job recruiters.

"Everybody remembers their first job, memories of it.  I want him to just be successful and work hard.  I think that's every parent's dream to have a hard working child," said Martinez.

For Logan it was well worth the wait.

“It was pretty good once I met the guy.  It felt pretty comfortable, it was easy to talk to him," he said.

Leaders with the ball park plan to notify each of the applicants as early as next week about all the jobs being offered this baseball season.

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