Bakersfield bound bus breaks down leaving 40 students stranded

Bakersfield student bus breaks down in Los Osos

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A Bakersfield bound charter bus carrying 40 students from Leo Hart Elementary School broke down in Los Osos on their way home from Camp Keep.

Students said teachers were not with them and were being supervised by parent volunteers. The teachers that had been on that trip drove their own cars out of the camp.

The girls' bus broke down shortly after leaving camp. The boys' bus dropped of its 40 passengers at a park and turned around to pick up the 40 girls.

Parents said all the students were supposed to arrive in Bakersfield at 1 p.m. but received phone calls from students and school officials that they were delayed and wouldn't arrive until 7 p.m.

School officials said when the bus broke down, the teachers were notified and turned around to meet up with the broken down bus.

School officials said it is the district's policy to have adult supervision, not necessarily teachers, on the bus.

Parents said they are grateful that they were notified but hope that the policy will change so that a school teacher is always on a bus so the volunteers aren't solely responsible for all the students.

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