Bakersfield boxer gives birth to fourteen puppies, nearly breaks world record

Breeders say they will sell all but one

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A couple months ago the Fernandez family from southeast Bakersfield noticed their family Boxer, Sasha was pregnant.  She is eleven months old.  

They expected her due date to be in February, but she gave birth earlier...and that wasn't the only surprise.  

Sasha gave birth to fourteen full-bred boxer puppies, nearly breaking a world record of fifteen boxer puppies born at one time.  The average size litter for boxer dogs is 5-7 puppies.

One of the puppies did not make it after birth, and one is very sick but the family is trying its best to nurse it back to health.

"I had never seen so many puppies, I was so surprised," says Al Fernandez.

"It's amazing, it's wonderful, they are so vulnerable," says Lily Valdez, who is helping to raise the puppies.  "They have my heart."
For how tiny the pups are they have quite the appetite.  They get fed every two hours: some by Sasha (who is still recovering) and some by a bottle of formula.  Their eyes aren't open yet, but we were able to count out eight girls and five boys.
"This was something we wanted to share with the community because we haven't seen something like this," Al tells me.  
Once the puppies are old and healthy enough, the Fernandez plans to sell twelve of them and keep the last one born for themselves.


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